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Microhole Processing: Daiwa Techno Systems Achieves World's Smallest Diameter - 2µΦ!!

Microhole Processing Technology

Anyone can easily process nanoholes・
However, after electrospark machining the material surface and hole interior are left with countless scratches not visible to the naked eye.
Daiwa’s proprietary technology eliminates all your worries! Our products provide a completely clean finish.
Patented in Japan and the USA
(PAT No. 3117687) (US PAT No. US6858263-B2)

World's Smallest Diameter - 2µΦ!!

Microhole Processing Technology

  • Includes guarantee for electron microscopic tests at x5000. (Interior roughness less than 100 nano, roundness +-10%)
  • We are not picky when it comes to processing materials. (Capabilities for conductive materials, board thickness 10µt~1t, microhole diameter: 2µΦ~1,000µΦ; processing to meet your needs!)
  • We also can provide a double-guard finish via osmium plasma ion coating!
  • Feel free to consult with us regarding small lot orders.

Comparison of Daiwa Techno products with overseas products for aperture hole processing

×5,000 Mo board hole diameter: Φ0.005

×5,000 Mo board hole diameter: Φ0.005

With overseas products, the board surface is cleaned smoothly to a certain extent but burrs and imperfections in the hole are clearly visible. However, with Daiwa Techno technology, both the surface and the hole opening are completely clean.

×10,000 Pt board Hole diameter: Φ0.003

×10,000 Pt board Hole diameter: Φ0.003

Looking at the board from a 40° angle, we see that with the overseas product, countless scratches are visible on both the surface and on the interior of the hole. Using our product, both the surface and the hole opening have a clean finish.

See the smooth finish of the tapered surface (spotface surface)!

×1,500 Mo board Hole diameter: Φ0.027

×1,500 Mo board hole diameter: Φ0.027

Our finishing process cleans not only the surface but also the tapered surface; the reverse side of the hole.

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