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Technical Information (Osmium Coating)
Osmium Coating

Patented in Japan and the USA

Patent No. 3117687
Patent No. 3664472
Patent No. 3954938
US 6858263 B2

Osmium Aperture Plates

Osmium aperature plates boasting extreme high performance

  • The aperture plate is considered to be the heart of the electron microscope.
  • You can experience the world of high resolution simply by applying an osmium coating to your existing aperture plate.
  • Os Aperture plates are essential for high-performance functionality in FE electron microscopes and other devices including length measurement SEM, plotters, and photolithography machines.
  • We have developed our Os aperture plates to a level of performance that will fulfill your needs for high resolution.
    1. Secondary electron discharge volume has been increased.
    2. High heat resistances means a longer life span.
    3. Furthermore, we have achieved the complete prevention of electrostatic discharge.
  • These features help resolve problems related to parts replacement maintenance and thus results in lower running costs.
  • Feel free to consult us about coating for other components!
    Coating is possible for insulated materials (ceramics, resins) as well!

H2 is a must for Os coating!

Worried about having to do your own coating? Costs? Want to coat inner surfaces? Sounds difficult but need a solution? Daiwa has the answer!!

Conventional products - Pt coat (PVD), Our product - Os coat (PVD)

Platinum target, osmium tetroxide atmosphere (gas)

Using the combination of Os04+H2 allows for smooth coating even on the inner wall! Also reduces membrane oxygen!

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