Message from the President

In 1967, we were established as Daiwa Denshi Kogyo Inc., a filament manufacturer. It was a little more than 20 years after the end of WWII, a time when the history of electron microscopes progressed slowly. At the same time, however, the electron microscope technology involved many fields that were still unknown both in Japan and overseas.
Against this historical backdrop, we have made every possible effort to strive for the manufacturing and development of electron microscope parts for as long as 50 years since establishment. We have devoted ourselves night and day and refined our processing technologies to the specialist level by making use of our original know-how, and the advanced technologies have continuously supported the electron microscope industry for a half-century.
In 1994, the company was renamed Daiwa Techno Systems Co., Ltd. We now cover all aspects of electron microscope parts with our technologies for analyzer parts, semiconductor parts, and vacuum deposition equipment in addition to the filament processing technology, making significant contributions to all fields including space development and cutting-edge medical technology. We have expanded our market overseas with an increasing share and received high evaluation from customers.
For the purpose of meeting the wide-ranging needs of many customers including national and public universities and government agencies, we are committed to devoting all our energy to making ourselves useful for customers and society while maintaining the spirit of manufacturing we have held since the establishment and our highly-polished traditional technologies. We appreciate your continued guidance and support.

Daiwa Techno Systems Co., Ltd.
Masanori Watanabe, President

Management Philosophy

「Inspired Group for Creativity」

A small group of individuals cooperating and sharing collective know-how to contribute to society.

50 years since the establishment With the spirit of manufacturing and ultimate technology, we will keep evolving to contribute to the development of science.