Filaments and emitters

Filaments and emitters for applications such as thermal-electron guns are what we have been manufacturing for over a half-century ever since the foundation of the company. Our proprietary welding machine has achieved a variety of shapes and high accuracy. They have been adopted by analyzer manufacturers and research institutions in Japan and overseas as key parts that form the basis of equipment performance.

Thermionic emission filaments

Mounted as thermionic sources used for scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) and transmission electron microscopes (TEMs). They are core parts that produce electrons in electron microscopes and greatly affect equipment performance.

Thermionic emission filaments1Thermionic emission filaments2

Field emitters

Field emitters (FEs) require much higher processing technology than thermionic emission filaments. Our special technology, such as tungsten-to-tungsten welding and single crystal tip polishing, are made use of for cutting-edge high-end equipment.

Field emitters1Field emitters2Field emitters3

Filaments for mass spectroscopes

For mass spectroscopes where filaments are prone to exposure to sample gases, rhenium and rhenium alloys are often used as well as tungsten. We have the capability of stable processing of those materials as well.

Filaments for mass spectroscopes1Filaments for mass spectroscopes2

Filaments for vapor deposition and various heaters

We are capable of handling various sizes, from thinner than hair to several millimeters, that do not allow bending with bare hands and processing into large-current electron sources and heaters. They are highly susceptible to cracking and poor quality products may cause frequent breaking, leading to shutdown of the equipment. We strongly recommend employment of our filaments based on reliable processing know-how from the perspective of productivity improvement.

Filaments for vapor deposition and various heaters1Filaments for vapor deposition and various heaters2