Fine electrical discharge machining and deburring technology

Ultra-fine electrical discharge drilling and special deburring technology

Electrical discharge machining is a method in which pulsed discharges are generated between the workpiece and the electrode for repeated melting and scattering to gradually machine the workpiece.
We have successfully thinned the discharge electrode to the maximum, which has given us the capability of even finer drilling. We take advantage of our proprietary electrode making technology to drill extra small holes down to φ0.002 mm.
While holes made by electrical discharge machining are prone to discharge marks on the edge or inside, we make use of our special deburring technology to achieve a mirror finish on the inside of holes.

Examples of perforate plate machining by electrical discharge machining

Hole diameter φ0.002 mm to 2 mm
Hole diameter accuracy ±10% (0.0001 mm for φ0.001 mm or smaller)
Aspect ratio 3 to 10 times or higher
Materials Mo, Ta, W, Pt, Au, Ti, Ni, SUS, Al and Cu and their alloys