Filament manufacturing technology

Spot welding technology

Pointed filament

Pointed filament

Fine wire made of high-melting-point metals such as tungsten is processed into filaments, which are welded to ceramic-based pins. Daiwa Techno Systems’ spot welding achieves precision welding for filaments of extra fine wire of φ0.05 to extra thick wire of around φ0.5. Daiwa Techno Systems’ spot welders have been independently developed exclusively for filament welding. After spot welding, filaments are annealed (vacuum heat-treated) for stable electron beam emission as they are mounted on equipment. Various measuring instruments are used for product inspection to ensure a thoroughgoing shipping system.

Applied technology in filament and emitter production

For fine tip processing of single-crystal W, etching is used for nm-order processing.
These tips are very delicate and require especially high-precision work. In the same way, fine processing is applied to extra fine wire coil processing and assembly by spot welding.

Spec information

Ceramic materials Ceramics, steatite, etc.
Joining methods Brazing, glass sealing
Pin materials Ta, Kov, and various other metals
Filament materials W, Ta, Re, Th-W, etc.
Shapes Hairpin, pointed filament, sharp, coil, etc.