About Daiwa Techno Systems

At Daiwa Techno Systems, we have contributed for over a half-century to the development of the industry by manufacturing filaments and aperture plates, which are key parts for electron microscopes, and offering them to analyzer manufacturers around the world.
At the same time, our technology and experience developed in the process, including ultra-fine drilling, have been put to wide use in other fields as well. In particular, we excel at fine machining of high-melting-point, difficult-to-cut materials (rare metals such as tantalum, molybdenum and tungsten) and offer precision parts used in ultra-high vacuum environments, covering the entire process from design to machining and assembly.

Apertures and pinholes

Apertures for electron microscopes, pinholes for X-rays, orifices, nozzles, etc.

Osmium deposition products

Capability of plasma CVD technique for osmium deposition process and the stable forming of conductive thin films

Filaments and emitters

Filaments for electron microscopes including SEMs and TEMs and for GCMSs

Ta, Mo and W processing

Processed products of difficult-to-cut materials such as tantalum, molybdenum and tungsten, ceramic processed products and brazing

Special parts for electron microscopes

Consumables and accessories peripheral to electron microscopes

Specimen supports for electron microscopes

Design and manufacturing of original custom-made specimen supports for SEMs